Founded in 1980, SCP SCIENCE is a successful, privately owned manufacturer of analytical equipment, supplies, reagents, and certified reference materials for the inorganic analytical laboratories market. The company manufactures sample preparation items including block digestion systems, microwave digestion systems and environmental chemistry analyzers, certified reference materials such as calibration and quality-control standards, and specialized glassware for the atomic spectroscopy market.

  • Plastic Injection moulding and plastic extrusion for PE, PP and Te on® products; and PVC, Santoprene® and Viton® tubing,
  • Glassblowing and quartz work for ICP glassware and digestion vessels,
  • Electronic board assembly and nal instrument assembly,
  • Automated Machining Centers for instrument parts as well as nished products,
  • Inorganic solutions and standards with ICP AES and MS analytical services,
  • CONOSTAN oil based standards and reagents with ICP AES, S & N, Viscosity, and ash point analysis
  • Production is supported by a large R & D team including engineers, chemists, and physicists from technicians to doctorates.