Ultrapure Water/RO System

Thermo Scientific Pacific TII?water systems provide the ultimate flexibility for labs that require a Type 2 source of water for applications including glassware rinsing, equipment, or buffer preparation. Systems are available in a variety of sizes and can be upgraded in the field as water needs increase. They can also be wall-mounted to save bench space.

All critical operation parameters are continuously monitored by the microprocessor. The units automatically return to operating mode, ensuring recirculation of water between the storage reservoir and the purification unit during periods when water is not being drawn from the system. The backlit, tilting control panel displays current status, including production, stand-by, cleaning, and disinfection modes. Resistivity/conductivity and % reservoir fill level are also displayed. System parameters are code-protected to prevent accidental changes. ?

The systems include two separate purification systems. A high-performance reverse osmosis membrane that removes approximately 98% of inorganic ions and 99% of all organic substances as well as microorganisms and particles. After RO purification, water is sent through a high-purity water cartridge.

All systems have a built-in wall bracket and include an RO membrane, a high-purity water cartridge, and a pressure regulator. An optional UV lamp with a 254 nm wavelength is available as an added germicide.

Systems require a separate reservoir (30, 60, or 100 L) and double-cartridge pretreatment system (EF11160), a 5 ?m filter with an activated carbon cartridge and a hardness stabilizer cartridge designed to control chlorine, organic impurities, and hardness (<250 ppm) in feed water ? order separately below.?

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