EasyPREP Sample Handler

EasyPREP Sample Handler is designed for high precision reagent additions of up to 7 reagents, sample dilutions, sample aliquotting, automated pipetting and other applications. The system dispenses sample volumes from 5 µl to 100ml. The system provides a flexible lab solution for multiple applications.

EasyPREP Sample Handler comes with a PC Controller, with user-friendly software, which offers intuitive method development that is easy to configure to your sample needs.

Maximum acid resistance via:
Minimum metal components.
Acid resistant Kydex and solid surfacing material for the staging table
Electrical components that are non-vapor penetrating (switches, connections, etc).
Electronic cards that are coated to prevent acid vapor attack.
Acid resistant PFA Probe, Fluoropolymer tubing, polyethylene tubing and connectors, and ceramic valve.
Dedicated Pump with all Teflonâ valve and Teflonâ dispensing barrel for safe dispensing of Hydrofluoric Acid.
All types of autosampler racks and block digestion racks are compatible with the staging table
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